Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13.08.2013 ~Dosminer 0.0.4 preealpha is out!~

Here we are on Snapshot day with a brand new version of Dosminer!
Lets see the Features!

+Added a new Block: Dirt
+You can break blocks with [E]
+You can place blocks with  [Q]
+Added an Inventory             [F]
+Added Life
+Added Power
+Added Mobs
+Added a new Mob: Monster
+Added a new Mob: Pig
+Added a new Launcher
+Added a new Outro
+Added a Skin
+Added Items
+Added a new Item: Sword
+Added fights
*Mobs spawn on Dirt
*Bigger area
*Fixed bugs

This update requires the New launcher
and the v004pa.exe

Enjoy the new version!
Your FRED games AG team

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