Thursday, October 6, 2016

10/06 2016 ~ »InfiniJump II - Return of the red square« is out!~

Hello and welcome back!
Do you remember InfiniJump? I do not hope so, because it was quite awful. But we realy enjoyed working on it and because we are all bored, we made a sequel of it. Please welcome to the FRED games AG family: InfiniJump II - Return of the red Square
What's this game about? Its about jumping, not falling - like InfiniJump I -- but there is a big diffrence, because this game actually works! This means, that you can really Step on the Blocks and things like this. Actually, this is our first working plattformer game, so you might enjoy it.

InfiniJump and InfiniJump II are now part of our new game category: Ti2xA games. Wich actually means: This game is trash, but may be fun... So just try it out! Mess up with your friends! Who is the best skiller in the world? -Find it out, using this plattformer game.¹

¹To realy find out, who's the best in the world you are suppost to bring the game everywhere in the world. There is no internet Highscore.


Have Fun,

Sunday, February 21, 2016

02/21 2016 ~Dosminer development pause~

Hello and welcome to this new information post.
We won't continue working on dosminer for about 6 Month. During this time, we will release a lot of minigames and we'll try to work a way more on one hero.
We hope you'll understand this,

Thursday, February 4, 2016

02/04 2016 ~One Hero - Patch 1 -- Fair price~

Hello and welcome to the first patch release of one hero!
As you can see, we changed the prices of all items in the shop. We think it is a lot better now, so try it out! If you wish any other changes, feel free to contact us.

Item Boots:      Old price: 200 ¢   || New price: 500 ¢
Item Potion:     Old price: 600 ¢   || New price: 400 ¢
Item Shield:     Old price: 5000 ¢ || New price: 3500 ¢
Item Sword:    Old price: 6000 ¢  || New price: 2500 ¢

We hope you enjoy this change :)
Have a nice day,

Saturday, January 23, 2016

01/23 2016 ~Robo Space Attack version 1.0 is out!~

Hello and welcome to this new game release!
Today I want to release our latest game, robo space attack.
It is a free local multi player Space shoting roboter game.
6 Items will support you and your friend fighting each other. The gameplay is quite simple, everything you need to controll your avatar can be found in the readme file.
And very exclusive, we will show you the functionality of the items just by now:

A computer chip! It will give you +1 life, so you can survive more longer!

This chip is evil. However, it gives the player one life.

A machine gun. You can shoot very fast. Useful.

This item defends you from one of the enemy's shot

You can move more faster by using this item. You also can fly thrue the world's border

When you have collected this items, you are a harmless peaceful robot. Make peace, not war!

This is a bunch of items, I think.  We all hope, that you enjoy this game and have a lot of fun with your friends.
Also, we are thinking about creating an AI, so you can actually play alone against the computer. Let's wait :)

Have a nice day,

click here

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

01/06 2016 ~infini jump version 1 is out!~

Hello and welcome to this new release!

Today I want to release my mini project. I've been working on it since 4th January 2016. It was more or less just an idea.
Infini jump is a mini game where you need to survive as long as you can. The only way to die is to fall out of the world.
The world is randomly generated and regenerates itself very quick. So you can't stay anywhere and wait for your dead, you need to move and to jump.

This game is our first platformer game! And it is only 7.3 KB big!

Hope enjoy this game :)

Download: click here


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

12/30 2015 ~One Hero is out!~

Hello Guys and welcome to this awesome release!

Today I will release the game you have all been waiting for! Today, the 30'th december, one hero is out! You are now free to play it. Gain your coins! Help the world!
One Hero - click here

I hope you will enjoy this game :)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/27 2015 ~One hero~

Hello and welcome to this exclusive new information!

In our last post we were talking about one hero, our new browser game. It is not released yet, but we are still working on it. We will release it this year. We just want to give you some new information about this game.

One hero will be a free browser game. Everyone will be able to play it.
It will be necessary to enable javascript if you want to play the game. You don't need something else. If you want to increase your data volume loss (for example while playing this game on you mobile) you will be able to use the light version of a thing called "world of coins". The world of coins is an invention we made to make it easier for mobile-access players. It makes it easier to access the button to gain coins.

Have a nice day,

PS: we are almost done, keep waiting :)

We coded a noscript version of onehero, it is very reduced but works fine.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

12/06 2015 ~"Dosminer", "One hero" and the future...~

Hello Guys!
Today we gonna explain something. We haven't released a new Dosminer version the last two months and we haven't released anything else as well. But this doesn't mean that we aren't coding anymore. We have been working on Dosminer and on One Hero. [One hero is the new name for "age of orbs"]
So why wasn't there any release?
We try really hard to release one hero this year. We have been working hours every day. And One hero is our first online multiplayer game we made so far. It will be a great milestone for the whole FRED games AG and it has high priority for everyone of us. There won't be a pre alpha or pre beta release. We want to release a stable complete version of the game. (Of course we will patch it frequency, but not as often as Dosminer)
We all hope, that one hero will bring a lot of fun for everyone of us and we hope as well that you understand our problems.

PS: we try to release a new Dosminer version this months as well :)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

10/03 2015 ~Dosminer alpha snapshot s_92015_a is out!~

Hello Guys!
Today we gonna quick release the version s_92015_a.
Please notice, that this version includes many bugs, we haven't fix yet. It is a complete graphic update, and there is a change with the resolution. We hope that we can fix them for the next version.

+ added ability to choose a character
+ New resolution (1024*768)
+ new graphics for almost everything!

We hope you'll enjoy this mini update.
If you wonder, why we haven't done that much: It is really hard to change the resolution of every texture in the game, we needed to change a lot things, and it was hard.

Download: click here

Saturday, August 15, 2015

08/15 2015 ~Dosminer alpha snapsho s_82015_a is out!~

Hello Guys!
It's me, LeMas, and I welcome you to this new snapshot release.
We didn't planned to release something this months, and we didn't even planned to work during the summer break... but anyway, we have done something so..
But first I should explain, that we changed the changelog, so that it is easier for you to check the features. You gonna see this by now:

+ Sun
+ Moon
+ Beter Stamina/Mana -sytem
+ Better XP System (not done yet, work is still in progress)
+ Better Loot System
+ added a new item: Knife
+ The player now gives counter damage
+ Potions available during the game
+ You can delete your savestate
+ Sunrise
+ Sunset
+ added poisons

- new death-message
- changed inventory layout
- slower clouds

- Zombies may drop potions
- smaller chunks
- new graphic for the sky
- new graphic for grass
- new graphic for clay
- new graphic for sand
- Smaler propability to earn a sword
- Smaler propability to earn a pistol
- Smaler propability to earn bullets

- Smaler propability to earn meat
- Manapotion regains less mana
- energypotion regains less mana
- You can only rest 3 times a fight
- rest during a fight regains less mana

- rest during a fight regains less stamina
- rest during a fight regains less life
- escape costs less stamina
- new pause layout
- new point in main menue: new game
- pressing escape during the game won't quit the game, it will make you return to the main menue

* The cow shows the correct amount of xp you actually get.
* The cow will drop the correct quantity of meat
* The Zombie will give you xp
* fixed a few bugs with the sword
* you can use the potions from the inventory
* The fontcolor won't change in the inventory
* optimized main menue
* removed inventory backround mesages
* shows the stamina costs of "escape" during a fight
* You can't jump from the pause mode to the inventory any more
* You can't quit the pause mode, while being in the inventory, so that the game continues while you are actually searching for items or something

This could be one of the biggest updates we ever made, so we hope you'll enjoy.

Download: click here