Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/27 2015 ~One hero~

Hello and welcome to this exclusive new information!

In our last post we were talking about one hero, our new browser game. It is not released yet, but we are still working on it. We will release it this year. We just want to give you some new information about this game.

One hero will be a free browser game. Everyone will be able to play it.
It will be necessary to enable javascript if you want to play the game. You don't need something else. If you want to increase your data volume loss (for example while playing this game on you mobile) you will be able to use the light version of a thing called "world of coins". The world of coins is an invention we made to make it easier for mobile-access players. It makes it easier to access the button to gain coins.

Have a nice day,

PS: we are almost done, keep waiting :)

We coded a noscript version of onehero, it is very reduced but works fine.

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