Sunday, December 6, 2015

12/06 2015 ~"Dosminer", "One hero" and the future...~

Hello Guys!
Today we gonna explain something. We haven't released a new Dosminer version the last two months and we haven't released anything else as well. But this doesn't mean that we aren't coding anymore. We have been working on Dosminer and on One Hero. [One hero is the new name for "age of orbs"]
So why wasn't there any release?
We try really hard to release one hero this year. We have been working hours every day. And One hero is our first online multiplayer game we made so far. It will be a great milestone for the whole FRED games AG and it has high priority for everyone of us. There won't be a pre alpha or pre beta release. We want to release a stable complete version of the game. (Of course we will patch it frequency, but not as often as Dosminer)
We all hope, that one hero will bring a lot of fun for everyone of us and we hope as well that you understand our problems.

PS: we try to release a new Dosminer version this months as well :)

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