Saturday, August 15, 2015

08/15 2015 ~Dosminer alpha snapsho s_82015_a is out!~

Hello Guys!
It's me, LeMas, and I welcome you to this new snapshot release.
We didn't planned to release something this months, and we didn't even planned to work during the summer break... but anyway, we have done something so..
But first I should explain, that we changed the changelog, so that it is easier for you to check the features. You gonna see this by now:

+ Sun
+ Moon
+ Beter Stamina/Mana -sytem
+ Better XP System (not done yet, work is still in progress)
+ Better Loot System
+ added a new item: Knife
+ The player now gives counter damage
+ Potions available during the game
+ You can delete your savestate
+ Sunrise
+ Sunset
+ added poisons

- new death-message
- changed inventory layout
- slower clouds

- Zombies may drop potions
- smaller chunks
- new graphic for the sky
- new graphic for grass
- new graphic for clay
- new graphic for sand
- Smaler propability to earn a sword
- Smaler propability to earn a pistol
- Smaler propability to earn bullets

- Smaler propability to earn meat
- Manapotion regains less mana
- energypotion regains less mana
- You can only rest 3 times a fight
- rest during a fight regains less mana

- rest during a fight regains less stamina
- rest during a fight regains less life
- escape costs less stamina
- new pause layout
- new point in main menue: new game
- pressing escape during the game won't quit the game, it will make you return to the main menue

* The cow shows the correct amount of xp you actually get.
* The cow will drop the correct quantity of meat
* The Zombie will give you xp
* fixed a few bugs with the sword
* you can use the potions from the inventory
* The fontcolor won't change in the inventory
* optimized main menue
* removed inventory backround mesages
* shows the stamina costs of "escape" during a fight
* You can't jump from the pause mode to the inventory any more
* You can't quit the pause mode, while being in the inventory, so that the game continues while you are actually searching for items or something

This could be one of the biggest updates we ever made, so we hope you'll enjoy.

Download: click here

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