Friday, July 17, 2015

07/17 2015 ~Dosminer summer break / Age Of Orbs is coming soon!~

Hello guys!
Today is a very special day. We have a few announcements. Well I think, you already could guess the content of this post by reading the title. But I want to explain it a little bit.

Dosminer project break
We will stop coding Dosminer for a few weeks. That doesn't mean, that we stop working on Dosminer at all. But our graphic designers (FLeeeD and Sinhá) have to do a lot things. So the next update (alpha snapshot s_52015_c) would be an other graphic update. But there's an other reason why we pause coding dosminer. We, LeMas and Sascha, need a break. we've been coding for a lot time on the Skill system of Dosminer, and it is really hard work without any results the User could see, yet. We just  need a break from this project so we can work more efficiency after this break. And since there are a few bugs found in the game, we need to fix them as well. Unfortunately this means, that we won't host any livestreams during the summer brake. We hope you could understand.

Age of Orbs
And this is a better announcement. We will start a new project: Age of Orbs It will be a text based HTML browser game. Here are a few information about this game:

What is the idea behind this game?
Age of Orbs will be a 100% Free browser game, where all players work together
in one account. So every player is playing and upgrading the same avatar. It's not PVP (Player vs Player), it is PVE (Player vs Environment). Because of the fact there are no Human enemies, the NPC's will be strong enough, that everyone could be able to play this game.

What's about the gameplay?
The gameplay of Age of Orbs will be like this: Every player is able to press a button. By pressing the button the avatar will gain 1 Orb. The players can buy items with the Orbs, or level up the avatar. The players will be able to launch a fight at every time, to get more items.

I know a clicking tool, that is able to click over a thousand times in one second. Wouldn't it be easy to cheat?
It would be easy to cheat in the early alpha. But we have a plan how we could fix this.

Will it work on Linux/Mac OSX/Windows?
Yes, with a modern browser that is able to run HTML 5.

Will it work on a mobile device?
Yes, with a modern browser that is able to run HTML 5.

When will be the first release?
In a few months.

I gonna play this game as soon as possible. Are there any problems?
It could happen, that we'll have to delete the savestate during the alpha/beta phase.

(edited 12/24 2015)
Who is in the Age of Orbs team?
Theese people are the founding members of Age of Orbs:
Idea/Code: LeMas

There aren't any other active members in this project, so more or less its just me working on this game, but every member of the FRED games AG helbs testing the game etc.
Thank you all <3

Ok then. If you have any questions, feel free to comment this post,
Have a nice day,

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