Thursday, October 6, 2016

10/06 2016 ~ »InfiniJump II - Return of the red square« is out!~

Hello and welcome back!
Do you remember InfiniJump? I do not hope so, because it was quite awful. But we realy enjoyed working on it and because we are all bored, we made a sequel of it. Please welcome to the FRED games AG family: InfiniJump II - Return of the red Square
What's this game about? Its about jumping, not falling - like InfiniJump I -- but there is a big diffrence, because this game actually works! This means, that you can really Step on the Blocks and things like this. Actually, this is our first working plattformer game, so you might enjoy it.

InfiniJump and InfiniJump II are now part of our new game category: Ti2xA games. Wich actually means: This game is trash, but may be fun... So just try it out! Mess up with your friends! Who is the best skiller in the world? -Find it out, using this plattformer game.¹

¹To realy find out, who's the best in the world you are suppost to bring the game everywhere in the world. There is no internet Highscore.


Have Fun,

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