Tuesday, August 27, 2013

27.08.2013 ~What is done?~

Here we are with our next snapshot-day!
Today we will talk about the comming updates.
But we have at first an update for this snapshot-day:
we will let you know what update allredy is done!
So let us start:
+bigger area
+added a new item: Boots (done)
+added a new item: corlet (done)
+removed the look up function (done)
+added a new type of a block: Spawnblock (done)
*Zobies can kill you (done)

As you can see we just have to finish the bigger area, but this will take a lot of time.
Please don't be angry about it.

So now we finish our 3rd. Snapshot-day with an information:
FRED games AG has over 100 views!
I hope it will be more than 1,000,000 one day.

see you next snapshot-day!
Samuel Winkler

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