Friday, September 20, 2013

20.09.2013 ~Designing is fun!~

Tada! And here we are with a NEW snapshot day.
Today we will talk about the new design. As you may know, the graphic design wasn't that good (if you remember the avatar...) But this is fixed now. The old avatar was designed by me, but my designer told me that this is shit. So she designed a better new avatar (see at our facebook page). But thats not the end! We are planning a brand new mob: the dragon! (also see at our facebook page) The dragon is realy realy strong but its not often that you see him. He will drop 1 better sword.
This sword will be a new item (there aren't any screenshots at our facebook page but if you check the page every day you may see it this week).OK.
That was one thing. And the other is that Dosminer 0.0.5preealpha will be out in October (we hope so)! This will be a verry cool update that brings fun in dosminer.
Imagine that Dosminer will be one of the coolest ever handmade games ever!

Let's see you next week.
Samuel Winkler

By the way: This page was viewed 200 times! Thanks to you all!

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