Friday, January 24, 2014

23.01.2013 ~Dosminer is out!~

Hello and wellcome to a new Snapshot-day! If you want to know why we didn't post last week and the week before please check out our facebook page.
Ok, let's start. Today we want to talk about the new version of Dosminer! Lets see the features:

+ added a cauldron
+ added an anvil
+ added a mashine
+ added a crafting system
+ added a way to get slime
+ added a new mob: the bad unicorn
+ new drop for the bad unicorn: slime
+ bad unicorns will be able to spawn
    - if y = -2
+ you can upgrade some items
    - Shovel
    - Sword
+ changed the main menue
+ added a new stage. (there are 3 of them now)

 I think that features will change the game. You will be able to do more things and you will be able to become stronger. I hope you will like the new version and all updates.
Windows: click here
 Linux/Mac: click here

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