Sunday, April 6, 2014

04/06 2014 ~Dosminer 0.1.2 is out !~

Hello everybody!
This is a new Snapshot day and we will release something :)
So let's don't talk that much and just look at the features:

+ added a new dig system (it protects you from the evil :])
+ new quests
+ added a new Block: Sandstone
+ Obsidian will not appear in the over world anymore.
+ Added 2 new stages
+ added a new thing: The button
   - You can press it.
+ changed the fight system
- removed more graphic bugs.

Note: We are working on new quests all the time. That's why we will release more versions, where we just added new quests. We hope you are able to understand that :)

Windows: click here
Linux Mac and all the others: click here

Ok. Now have a good day and so on. Enjoy and be happy at any time. And if you are sad, play Dosminer. It will make you happy :D
-Samuel Winkler

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