Wednesday, April 16, 2014

04/16 2014 ~Dosminer 0.2 pre-alpha is out!~

Hello and welcome to this snapshot-day!
Today we will release the awesome new version Dosminer 0.2 pre-alpha!
Soo cool. Now let's have a view on the changes and updates and all this.
But first let me tell what is going on. The FRED games AG is working really hard right now. We will release some very big updates in the next time.
So you may be happy about this :D We will try to release new versions every or every second day. So let's wait for some very cool updates! Don't miss them, They are coming faster then you could imagine.
This are the news for this Update:

+ Added Stats
+ Added a list that shows you how many zombies you have killed
+ Added Sounds
+ Added a new sound: Hit
+ Added a new sound: get Hit
+ Optimized the screen whilst loading.
+ The Screen while loading shows more details.
+ Added a Score
+ You will get 10 Points per kill
+ You will get a few points by unlocking archievements
+ Added a list that shows you how often you played
+ Added Achievements
+ You will get points for it
- removed graphic problems
+ The Inventorry is bigger
+ Added bugs
- removed bugs

So that's it. Have fun with it.

Windows: click here
Windows: click here
Linux/Mac: click here

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