Friday, August 29, 2014

08/29 2014 ~Dosminer 0.7 pre alpha is out!~

Hi there and welcome to FRED game AG.
I am LeMas and I want to show you the new version.
Let's release the version 0.7 pre alpha and have a view on the changelog!

+Teleporter can teleport to different places
+Added a village
+Teleporter can bring you to the village
+Added forrest
+Teleporter can bring you to the forrest
+Added money
+Added a shop
+Added a new place in the village: Shop
+Added a forge
+Added a new place in village: forge
+Added wood
+you can craft arrows in the forge
+added money: dosminer coins
+added a day/night rythm

Windows: click here
Linux/Mac: click here

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