Friday, January 2, 2015

01/02 2015 ~2015...~

Hello and a happy new year there!
We just finished our christmas - new year break, and now I am here to give you some information about the future.
We never released something like a 1.0 pre alpha. And we are not going to release something like this, because we are working on the 1.0 alpha. The thing is, that we don't want to do the same misstake not to release the 1.0 alpha. So that's why we don't release the 0.1 alpha and so on, but we will release snapshots of it. As you know, we released a bunch of snapshots in december 2014. That wasn't that good, becuase you had to download about 2 versions a day. What we will do is to release snapshots like versions, and just call them snapshots. OK? OK.
So the next thing is, that our homepage will be down for a few hours tomorrow. This won't be a big thing. It's just because of some server things.
We changed the collor of the versions last year, and we will do it again. This will be the collor of the year
That's a lot stuff, but we aren't done yet... There is a new thing wich will be there since 2015. The FRED games AG will have an official mascot!

This is Lukas, our new mascot! Isn't he nice?
And that's what I wanted. I hope that you'll have a nice year 2015 and that you enjoy every single day of it!

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