Thursday, April 2, 2015

04/02 2015 ~Let's call it information~

Hey Guys It's me, LeMas!
And I greet you to this new blogpost! »yay finally! A new version!« Ah.. no, I won't release a new version, now. »Why? ;-( « Because I am not done.
But I have a few information for you. So let's start.

1. Dosminer is dead?!
No. Dosminer is still allive. It was an April fool. All rights of all media of dosminer are reserved. We do not have any problems with the law.

2. No new version last month?
Yes. We are sorry about that. If you saw our Livestreams, you could know that.
The thing is, that we are trying to remake the old version of Dosminer. While you are reading this, we are working realy hard on the new fight system, that will be more like a RPG-fightsystem (as you know it from the old dosminer). And that will take a few moments. We are not done with it now, but I am sure that we will finish it this or next week. So sadly, you have to wait a few days, but I think the result will be awesome. We are planning to make a nice trailer for the new dosminer and things like this, so keep being hopefull :)

3. Youtube
We got over 1.000 views on our youtube videos. That's a reason to party! Maybe, we will make a special video for it. I don't know it, yet. The thing is, that Youtube is more like a side project. Dosminer is not made for youtube. We are using youtube to show some latest things about Dosminer. We are youtube partner. That's all right. But we don't see youtube as a main project. I hope, you understand. But that's no reason not to thank you. You are awesome, and I am really glad to know that there are some people watching what I'm doing. Thank you.

4. Livestreams
And there is an other thing, I want to talk about. Our livestreams. Some people say, that they are boring or they aren't interested in that type of videos. I can understad this. And you mustn't watch our prodcast if you don't want to. But a livestream is a good way to interact with the community. I mean: Yes, if you wanted to comunicate with us, you can write a mail, and we will answer. But it's a way easier to comunicate live. Because sometimes a user has a question, that many people have. And I can answer them to all the viewer at the same time. And I can speek directly to the people. I think this is more personal, isn't it?

Last, but not least: We changed the design of Our webpage. check it out, and maybe leave a feetback down there in the comments :)

So that's it, enjoy your day,

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