Sunday, June 28, 2015

06/28 2015 ~June...~

Hello and welcome to this message.
Well Guys, we need to tell you, that there won't be a livestream this month. There won't be a new version as well. The problem is, that our plan to upgrade the skill system is a kind more difficult as we thougt. So it will take some time untill we finished that. At this moment, we can't release a new version without increasing the whole game. That means, that the new version of dosminer would be less than the first. Because we want to compensate for that, we will host
3 Livestreams next month! That doesn't change, that we won't release or host something this month. But the next update would be very cool. So don't miss to watch our streams. We will announce them early enough.
Enjoy the rest of your time,

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