Friday, October 11, 2013

11.10.2013 ~What is the idea of Dosminer?~

Hello and wellcome! Here I am with our 10th Snapshot day!
Thanks to all supporters of Dosminer!

Today we will speak about the story of Dosminer!
Yes in Dosminer 0.0.6 pre-alpha will be a story. A verry cool story!
»You are the best Player in the world and you get kidnapped by an bad guy.
This guy don't let you a choice: You must go into a  portal to a virtuell world.
You don't know what to do you just know, that your mission is to complete all quests in a village.You hope to get free after completing the quests and try to do all.«
This is the story of Dosminer. But thats not all. The story goes on, but we don't tell you in wich way. See all this in Dosminer 0.0.6 pre-alpha After you know the storry, you may play Dosminer in an other way as before. But we all hope, that you can enjoy Dosminer the same way as before in every version.

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