Friday, October 18, 2013

18.10.2013 ~New Mobs please~

Hello and wellcome to a new snapshot-day!
Today we will talk about the new Mobs in Dosminer 0.0.6 pre-alpha
We will add new awesome mobs like
-The Spider
-The Bug
-The Bear
-The Bat
-The Vampire
All these Mobs will apear in the new awesome mine of Dosminer
and of course the mobs will drop new items.
But I can't list the new items here because I don't know them now.
Ok but thats not all we have an awesome 3rd point too:
We will add quests you all know. But we can tell you now how many quests we wll add in Dosminer 0.0.6 pre-alpha:
about 8 of them and I think that that will be a good start for a new version of Dosmine.
This all wasn't the end!
As you know, Dosminer is a kind of a Minecraft clone. And if you know minecraft, you know these awesome and realy cool slogans like »made by Notch« or »colormatic« or something like this and we will add these cool slogans in Dosminer too. I hope you enjoy our own slogans and have fun with the update.
See you soon,
Samuel Winkler

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