Friday, November 1, 2013

01.11.2013 ~Come on!~

Hello and wellcome to a new snapshot-day!
At first I wanna say sorry to all bacause I don't wrote lat week.
But this doesn't matter because Nothing new happend.
I asked you how to make the snapshot-day better or more interisting.
But only one of you answered. So at first I wanna say thanks to Sebastian Winkler for help me make the weekly snapshot-days better but I am worry if some of you just don't checked that we asked you how to do something better.
So if you are interistet in Dosminer and you want to show us that you like us and that you will support us check our awesome Facebook page.
Ok I am sorry for don't say anything new for you.
But I am shure that we will have some awesome news later.
Or maybe today? Maybe I will make a new entry in this blogg to explain that we have MUSIC in dosminer.
Bye then,

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