Sunday, November 3, 2013

03.11.2013 ~Dosminer v. pre-alpha is out!~

v. pre-alpha?
That is impossible!
No, its not because we restartet the projekt and startet to remake the game in java.
Thats why the game is not better than Dosminer 0.0.5 pre-alpha.
It is the FIRST release of Dosminer in Java.
So you can't do anything in this version.
But we have a verry big plus:
This version runs in Linux, Windows and Mac!
I am sorry If you don't enjoy this game now but you mustn't 'update' your game if you don't want.
You can play the pre-alpha and enjoy this 'outdatet' 0.0.5 pre-alpha untill Dosminer in JAVA is in the 0.0.6 pre-alpha

Linux: click here
Mac: click here
Windows: click here

Please view this page: How to install Dosminer

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