Friday, November 8, 2013

08.11.2013 ~Java is an island~

Hello and wellcome to this new Snapshot-day!
Ok as you all know, we are working on Dosminer in Java now.
This means, that we can't say anythink interisting for you.
It's pretty hard to work on a game for 2 years and then - suddenly - you have to tell the whole team that we have to restart. But don't worry. It's good, that we restartet the Projekt in the Pre-alpha and not in a stable version with cool animations and eastereggs and design and colloring. So it's better for us to restart now. This post is just to tell you that we are not kidding you. We work on this version and we will never go back if we know that we have to do it this way.
So you have 2 oppositions. You can enjoy the Java version or you can play the old  Dosminer version.
See you,
Samuel Winkler

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