Friday, November 15, 2013

15.11.2013 ~String snapshotday = new String ("JAVA is great.");~

Hello and wellcome to our new snapshot-day!
Or for our full java freaks:
 String snapshotday = new String("to our new Snapshot day");

Today we will talk about when we will release the first playable Dosminerversion in Java.
We all know, that you are waiting still a long time for the next version. And we are happy to say, that we will release The next Dosminerversion in a few weeks. We all are working realy hard at the office and I can say, that we will got it. So I can say something only to you: We will release it maybe on Friday, 22.11.2013 or on Friday, 29.11.2013!
So you may be happy and amused.
Survive untill then,
Samuel Winkler

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