Friday, November 22, 2013

22.11.2013 ~Dosminer v. pree-alpha is out!~

Hello and wellcome to this special snapshot-day!
I think that a lot of wants this update. I just checket the statistics and saw that you downloaded Dosminer java twice more than the batch version!
So I am pretty sure that you will like this!
Let's see the awesome features:
+ The whole game will work
+ added a main menue
+ added credits
+ added a function to close the game
+ added a new block: Obsidian
+ added a deadscounter
+ added a function to die
+ added a function to respawn
+ added a function to walk forward
+ added a function to walk backward
+ added a function to walk left
+ added a function to walk right
+ added an information, that shows you, wich version you are actually playing
* Obsidian will appear in the world

That are a lot of features. And I hope you will enjoy them.

You can download it here:
~Updatet on 30.11.2013~
Windows:click here
Linux: click here
The Linux version will run on Mac and Windows too.

So this was the first thing.
And here is an other one.
We have a new FRED games AG member.
Wellcome Sascha Winkler to FRED games AG
Sascha Winkler will be our Java Consultor (see at the credits)
We have only this one Java Consultor and we need him. Sascha is the one who helps us programming Dosminer, because he is a real pro!

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