Friday, November 29, 2013

29.11.2013 ~Random world generator~

Hello and wellcome to the next snapshot-day!
If you read the title of this post verry carefully, you will see that there is something new! And I guess that you can guess that we will talk about the world genarator.
You remember the old 0.0.4 pre-alpha? Or maybe the 0.0.5 pre-alpha? If you remember them, you will remember that the world wasn't random. It was just a world full of Obsidian. Oh dude, only 2 spawnblocks and 1 Dirtblock. That was a verry boring world but now we changed it and in a few weeks or in a few month we will release the "Update that changes the world"! In this update we will have a random world world genarator. And this won't be all we will remove the spawnblock, because you will spawn in a random area on a random point. The Spawnblock will change to a sand-block.
OK thats it.
Keep cool and survive untill the next release!
Samuel Winkler

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