Friday, December 6, 2013

06.12.2013 ~Dosminer pre-alpha is out!~

Hello and wellcome to this snapshot-day!
Today we will release Dosminer pre-alpha!
So at first have a view on the updates:
+ added a random world generator
+ added a new block: Sand
* The world is now a big 2000X2000 world.
* Sand will now apear in the world.

OK I know that this is not a big update, but if we read him carefully we will see this one little thing: »The world is now a big 2000X2000 world«
And this is true. We all dreamed about this and now, finally our dreams become true: We have a realy big world with a new type of a block: The sand.
I hope you will enjoy,
Samuel Winkler

Windows: click here
Other: click here

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