Wednesday, January 1, 2014

01.01.2014 ~... and a happy new year!~

Happy new year everybody!
We hope you had a good start into the new year.
We had a fantastic start. and we have got a suprise for you! We will release a new version! not a normal version. it is an awesome version because it is THE version! ist is the version who make the things that no one could believe: We are on a higher level with Dosminer java then Dosminer Batch. YAY!
Now let's see the features:

+ added Items
+ added a new Item: Sword
+ added a new Item: Potion
+ added a new Item: Shield
+ added a new Item: Meat
+ Zombies can drop an item.
+ Spiders can drop an item.
+ Pigs can drop an item.
+ Cows can drop an item.
+ Sheeps can drop an item
+ Bugs can drop an Item
+ new drop for the zombie: sword
+ new drop for the spider: shield
+ new drop for the pigs: meat
+ new drop for the cow: meat
+ new drop for the sheep: meat
+ new drop for the bug: potion
-removed bugs
-removed 2013

Windows: click here
Linux: click here

By the way we changed the color of the Uploads of the year 2014

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