Friday, December 27, 2013

27.12.2013 ~Dosminer is out!~

Hello and welcome to this Snapshot-day!
Today we will release a new version!
Just like yesterday or the day before yesterday.
We hope you liked our christmas specials.
In this verry new version we will just release 3 new things, but these things will make Dosminer to a verry awesome Dosminer!
+ added an Inventory
+ added xp
+ added lvl
I think that you can guess that this update could add a kind of a score.
You can meet with friends to play the whole night and try to become the best Dosminer gamer of the world. You can post your score on facebook. (If you do that please link Dosminer or use the # just do it like this: verry cool! I just grew up do level 42 in Dosminer. #Dosminer is a verry cool game. ) If you do this you can help us to share Dosminer with the world! I am realy happy that I can say that more then 50 people downloaded Dosminer! Thanks to all and go on plaing Dosminer.
If 100 people Downloaded Dosminer, We will make a verry, verry big Special for you!
Survive untill the next post,
-Samuel Winkler

Windows: click here
Linux : click here

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