Sunday, March 2, 2014

03/02 2014 ~Dosminer pre-alpha is out!~

Hello and welcome to this new snapshot day! Today we will release something special. We will release the... pre-alpha!!Yes! That is an update, isn't it?
It is. And because of that, we changed the System of the change log
We just marked the very new things like this so you can see the important things at first. We hope you like it! And that is not all!
We changed the date of Posts. It is no longer like 02.03. It is like 03/02 now!
Let us see the new things and the features:

+ added animations
+ added a new mob: Nerd
+ added a new block: Hard Stone
+ added a navigation system
+ added a new mob type: boss
+ added a new boss
+ added a new item: Phones
+ added a new Phone: Block Berry Z 10
+ added a new function for the phone: call
+ added a new function for the phone: message
+ added a new function for the phone: save
+ added a new function for the phone:show information
+ added quests
+ added a new quest: get started
+ added a new quest: get a weapon
+ added a new quest: defending
+ added a new quest: high tech
+ added a new quest: upgrade
+ added friends
+ added a new friend: »That Guy«
+ added background music
+ added load animations
+ added a new stage type: Boss
+ added a new stage
+ added iron
+ added a new drop for Nerds: Nerds Mask
+ You can change how you look like in Dosminer
+ added a new drop for the first boss: Iron
+ Zombies will drop swords more often
+ Zombies will drop shovels more often
- removed nether

We hope you enjoy the very, very, extreme big update. Share it with everyone you see. This update changed the game!


Linux/Mac: click here
Windows*: click here

Have fun with the Update

Dosminer is also on:

*Notice: It may happen that you can't start the Dosminer.cmd (It could open the editor, and not the game). If this happen, please open the Dosminer.cmd and save it as Dosminer.bat.

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