Friday, March 7, 2014

03/07 2014 ~Java~

Hello and welcome to this... post.
So we just got a message, that some of you can't start Dosminer pre-alpha, but this is no reason to be sad because the solution is very easy!
You just have to Update your Java!
It seems to be easy but now you could have these two questions:
1st: How can I install a newer version of Java?
2nd: Why should I do it?
Now Let's answer this questions:
If you want to update java, you should go to the web page of  java, and download the installer and run it. I think this won't be so hard for you. And now:
let's think together. Why? Why should you update your Java?
   1. Because it is cool to have the latest version of java
   2. Because you need it for playing Dosminer.
   3. You will need it sooner or later.
If you still have any question, you are allowed to contact us. But wait a second!
There is an other question! Why did we made a post about this thing?
The answer is quite easy: We will remove the FAQ and so we have to be sure everybody knows the really important part of it.

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