Sunday, May 4, 2014

05/04 2014 ~Dosminer 0.3 pre alpha is out!~

Hello and welcome to this snapshot day!
Today we will release a new version of Dosminer. It is the 0.3 pre-alpha.
Before we take a look at the new things we have to explain something.
What does pre-alpha stands for? We will explain it on the easiest way we know.

Yeah. That's the best way.
Ok. That's it. Have a great day,
Sam... wait a second. Yeah, I forgot.
So let's have a view at the new version of Dosminer.

+ added a new mob: Shiny cow
+ added a new way to get more life
+ removed bugs
+ added mana
+ added a new way to level up
+ added a new way to get stronger
+ added a new way to get health
+ added a new point in the inventorry: mana
+ added a new way to get XP
+ added a new drop for the shiny cow: bottle of mana
+ removed graphic problems
+ removed the hat

Linux/Mac: click here
Windows: click here

That's it. Enjoy your day, have a nice time. See you later.
-Samuel Winkler

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