Saturday, May 24, 2014

05/24 2014 ~Dr. Roe~

Hello and wellcome to this new game release!
Today we will release a new game! well it is pretty awesome.
It is called Dr. Roe!
You won't get it for free. If you want to buy 1 game please contact us.
So let's have a short view on the game.

Dr. Roe is a game, where you have to work with numbers. You are the Doctor, but you made a mistake. That's why all programs are going to crack other pc's in the world. Your last chance is to start a kind of a Anti-virus. But this program is not finished yet. So you have to try it on your own. You can't imagine what would happen, if you can't stop the virus. Maybe the virus will shut down all servers and the world wide web won't exist anymore? You can't know. The Anti-virus is your last hope.

You are working with numbers all the time. But I bet that no one of you ever thought about the numbers. You don't know what it means to have 14 Strawberrys. If you have 14 Strawberrys you don't see the 14. You see the Strawberrys. We want to change this. We want you to think about the numbers you use. Let's think about the 14... Well it is the square of 3.74165738677. Interesting isn't it?

I was bored.

Code: Samuel Winkler
Sound: Samuel Winkler

Well this game is a kind of different. But I think it is a very tall step for the FRED games AG. It is the first official mini game ever made by the FRED games AG. This is a good reason to be happy.
You should watch the trailer before buying the game. It was a kind of hard work to do.

We hope you like it. If you like it you should look at this picture. If you don't like The video you should also have a view on this picture.

And here is the cover of the game.

And if you want to know how it looks like, when you get the game, you may be interested on this picture

Well this is pretty awesome isn't it?
I hope you are going to like this game. It doesn't have a fan shop, because it is just a mini game. If you have any questions or Ideas contact us in the comments of the post. We are really happy to answer all the questions if you want to buy the game feel free to contact us via E-mail.
Maybe we are going to make a competition for you. If you want to win a game for free comment with "I-wanna-have-the-game-4-free" let's see if this works.

That's it.
-Samuel Winkler

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