Tuesday, June 3, 2014

06/03 2014 ~Dosminer has got a homepage~

Hello and welcome to this new post.
Today we want to show you something cool. Well, it is not finished but we are working on it. Dosminer has got a homepage. Actually, it is just a really easy page made with html but there will be an update. The next 'version' will be better and without bugs. But at first, have a view on the homepage.
You maybe noticed, that the page is called www.dosminer.de its because the server of the homepage is in Germany. Let's have a short view on the homepage.
It should look like this:

If you click here
you could see some screenshots and watch the trailer.

If you click here
 you could download the game.

You could see the owner of the page, by clicking here.

This is a link to our blog.

We hope everything is clear by now.
Have a nice day,
Samuel Winkler

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