Saturday, January 10, 2015

01/10 2015 ~Dosminer alpha snapshot s_12015_c is out!~

Hello and welcome to this new snapshot-day!
Today we will release the snapshot s_122015_c, and we are really happy to do this!

So don't say a word, and just take a view at the changes:

+Added a new enemy
+Changed the controlls
+Added a multiplayer mode
+Added a Day-Night rythm
+New textures for the clouds
+Added a pause mode
+Added an info-bar
+Added a new tile for the info-bar

So that are the changes, but there is an other thing to explain:
1st: The changes of the controlls: Shoot left: [Q]; Shoot right: [E];
2nd: Toggle multiplayer on: [T]; Toggle Multiplayer off: [G]
3rd: How to controll the 2nd player:
       walk: [I] [J] [K] [L]; shoot left: [U]; shoot right: [O]
4th: The pause mode: Pause on: [SPACE]; Pause off: [V]

That are the features. But there is still an other thing to say:
Dosminer is now on check it out by clicking here!
And that's why the Download will be powered by by now!

Download: click here

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