Thursday, February 5, 2015

02/05 2015 ~Dosminer alpha snapshot s_22015_a is out!~

Hello and welcome to this new snapshot release!
Today we will release the alpha snapshot s_22015_a! But before we will take a look at the features, lets watch this cool video!

This video shows a lot of features, but one or two are still left.
But that doesn't matter because we will list all of them here again.
So here are the features:

+added a main menue
+added music

+you can enable/disable music
+added helpfull help, that actually helps you
+added credits
+added a random world generator
+added random spawned trees in foreground
+added a cow
+added meat

+you can get meat from the cow
+added an inventory
+added 3 lifes
+you can eat meat to heal yourself
+The Zombie spawns at night
+The cow despawns at night
+The night is as twice as log than before

Download: click here

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